1. The Best Islands In The World


1) Bora Bora, French Polynesia: Described as the most beautiful Islands in the world with sugar white sand, turquoise blue, crystal clear lagoon water, and the beautiful palm trees. The water here is shallow and warm, with beautiful exotic fish, turtles, and corals, making it a perfect destination for snorkeling. You can also enjoy multiple water activities jet ski, aqua bike rides and go on fishing trips.

The best time to visit Bora Bora is throughout the year with temperatures ranging from 79 F (26 C) in the winter to 84 F (29 C) in the summer.

2) Turks and Caicos: Located southeast of the Bahamas and North of Hispaniola, is the most beautiful Islands in the Caribbean and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is clean clear with turquoise water and white sand, this also the third largest coral system in the world. The island is famous for snorkeling, activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and humpback whale watch.

The best time to visit Turks and Caicos is any time of the year as the climate is dry and sunny tropical climate with temperatures averaging in the 75 F (23 C) in the winter and 85 F (29 C) in the summer.

3) Maui, Hawaii: Maui Island is known as the “valley Isle” is part of the Hawaii Archipelago, situated in the Central Pacific. It and is a volcanic island with beautiful mountains, waterfalls with beautiful pristine over 30 mile stretch of beaches for a number of water activities and watching humpback whales. One can also enjoy a drive on the road to Hana, which has more than 600 curves and 54 bridges.

The best time to visit Maui is April through May and September through November, the temperatures are as high as 85 F (30 C) and low of 65 F (18 C).

4) Palawan, Philippines: The most beautiful Island in Asia is one of the best in the world, it is the largest Island in the Philippines. The Island is an archipelago of 1,780 Islands, with breathtaking beaches with crystal clear emerald green water and white sand beaches, limestone cliffs, rich and beautiful corals, stunning landscapes, rich biodiversity in the flora and fauna. Activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, trekking/hiking, water biking and kayaking are the activities that can be done at Palawan.

The best time to visit Palawan is October to May The average temperature is 88 F (31 C).

5) Santorini, Greece: Santorini or Thira located in the Cyclades Island in the Aegean Sea is the most beautiful Island in Europe and one of the top Island in the world. The Island is famous for dramatic postcard landscapes of villages and towns with beautiful architecture of whitewashed houses and villas. The top draw activities in the Island touring to the volcano, jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving to the shipwreck.

The best time to visit Santorini is April, May, October, and early November when the weather is warm, temperatures averaging 54 F (12 C) in Jan the coldest month and79 F (26 C) in July the hottest month in the summer.

6) St. Martin - St. Maarten: St. Marteen is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands southern part of a Caribbean island. This unique Island has two sides a unique French side with a continental flair with luxurious fashionable shopping, warm ambiance and the Dutch side with casinos and bars. The activities to do are diving, snorkeling, sailing, paddle boarding or kite surfing and windsurfing. Apart from water activities strolling at the boardwalk, vibrant nightlife with casinos, discos, and bars. 

The best time to visit St. Martin is May and June and between November to mid-December. The winter temperature is as low as 68 F (20 C) and high of 89 F (31 C).

7) Bali, Indonesia: One of the most beautiful tropical Islands in the world with white breathtaking beaches, spectacular rice terraces, volcanic mountains, numerous beautiful temples. The top activities at the island are temple tours trekking to the volcano, exploring the rice terraces, endless water activities like surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water jetpacks, sea walking and kite surfing.

Best time to visit Bali is any time of the year with peak time from May to September with average temperature of 82 F (28 C) low of 73 F (23 C) and the high of 86 F (30 C).

8) Majorca, Balearic Islands: Majorca or Mallorca one of the most beautiful and underrated Islands and largest Balearics Island of Spain. Experience the great Mediterranean charm with pleasant weather, the Island has laid back villages with beautiful vineyards, and you can hike to the Colosal Canyons and Quiet Coves, thrilling activities like mountain biking and cycling. Climbing the cliffs,

The best time to visit Majorca is April to September, You can have great holidays at Majorca a year around, the temperatures are as low as 41 F (C ) in winter and high of 72 F (C ) in summer.

9) Mauritius, Africa: This beautiful Island with enviable tropic climate, located on the southeast coast of Africa, the island has a deep blue lagoon, Black River Gorges National Park, with rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife trails and a lot of beach water activities. Top activities are kayaking, kite surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, skiing, kayaking and swimming with the dolphin and an 18-hole par 72 championship course for golf enthusiasts.

Best time to visit Mauritius is May to December, the temperature in December is as low as 81 F  (20 C) Feb 83 F (28 C).

10) Fernando de Noronha, Brazil: The volcanic archipelago of 21 Islands at the northeast coast of Brazil is one of the most beautiful beaches of south America. The island boasts about spectacular tropical landscapes, turquoise blue clear water, white sand beaches and a rich marine life. The top drawing activities are the dolphin tour, enjoying the rich marine wildlife, scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, trekking the volcanic hills. The Island is also declared as the UNESCO World heritage site.

Best time to visit Fernando de Noronha is August to October, the average temperatures in winter are as low as 68 F (20 C) and as high as 89 F (32 C).

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2. Greece - Mystique Mythology, Beautiful Beaches And Islands, Great Food


Greece a premier travel destination is rich mythology, unique, charming Mediterranean passion. Greece has some incredible historic and heritage sites, beautiful beaches and mystique hilly landscape. Greece has surprises even for an avid, demanding traveler. One can enjoy great Greek food, swimming in the balmy seas, dining under the stars along the coast. Athens is famous amongst heritage, culture travelers. It is also a famous romantic gateway, with some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world.  
The interior towns and cities of Greece are famous for famous historical sites, monuments, and museums. There is a lot more fun, activities and things to do at some of the world famous beaches and Islands, laid back relaxed and tourist friendly. The Greek Islands are made up of 168 islands, grouped into 8 islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas. The Cyclades is one of the famous and most inhabited, whereas Santorini is famous for its beautiful towns and villages. Crete famous for its beaches and lagoons, especially the Balos beach and lagoon. 

Top things
Parthenon- An ancient temple at Acropolis Athens, is an ancient temple of Greek Goddess Athena of wisdom and warfare believed to be the patron, the famous city was named after the Goddess Athena. It is one of the most important and iconic sites depicting the Classical Greek art and heritage and UNESCO World Heritage site. 
Acropolis- The Acropolis of Athens or Athenian Acropolis is termed as the symbol of world heritage. This ancient citadel has remains of the crucial importance of art, heritage, and culture. It is one of the iconic landmarks and a must see for art, culture and heritage travelers.
Santorini- Santorini on the Cyclades Islands of the Aegean Sea is famous for dramatic postcard landscapes of villages and towns with beautiful architecture of whitewashed houses and villas.
Balos Beach and Lagoon- Located in the northwest of Crete Island Balos if famous for its breathtaking landscape and crystal clear turquoise water and sugar white sand.
Elafonissi Beach- Located on the Crete Islands, a natural pristine beach and beautiful shoreline with crystal clear water and pinkish sand beach.
Food, accommodation, and transportation- Greece is also a good premier destination for budget travelers. Food and accommodation are not expensive. You can have a good dinner for 20 Euros and a Luxurious Dinner for 30-50 Euros with wine. Tasty Gryos could be anywhere between 3-5 Euros. Flexible accommodation options are available from budget hostels and dorms for 20-40 Euros and 50-70 for private budget rooms. For transportation, the buses and trains in inland cost around 20-30 Euros, ferries from Athens to the islands cost around 50-75 Euros.
Activities: Apart from culture and heritage site tours in the inland there are a lot of activities at the islands and beaches like kayaking, parasailing, banana boats, snorkeling exploring the mysterious shipwrecks in crystal clear waters.


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3. Serengeti National Park A Must Safari


Serengeti, from the Maasai word meaning ‘endless plains.” The Serengeti National Park is one of the most famous wildlife reserves in the world. The annual wildebeest migration one of natures most spectacular phenomenon, also called “The World Cup of Life” is a visual feast to the Safari tourist where they get to see 1.5 million animals. Wildebeests, zebras, antelopes as well as gazelles migrate Serengeti every year for green pastures and water.

The Serengeti is nearly a 15,000 sq km stretch of the Tanzanian land with short grass plains. The park is divided into four different areas The Central Seronera Valley, The Western Corridor, The Northern Lobo and Kogatende areas, and The Southern Plains.

The Serengeti is known for the wildlife and the Great Migration a huge gathering of over a million wildebeest, 200,000 zebras and 350,000 gazelles. Also the large cats like lions, leopards, cheetahs plus hyenas are in vicinity following the prey. Even when the migration is silent there is dazzling game viewing on Serengeti: herds of buffalo, groups of elephants and giraffe, and thousands of eland, topi, kongoni, impala and Grant’s gazelle. It’s a treat for the eyes to watch the attacking tactics of the predators and the survival tactics of the preys. The park has numerous lions, elephants, giraffes, water buffalo, hippos, hyenas, jackals, monkeys, cheetahs, leopards, crocodiles, a Black Rhino, and many different antelopes and birds.

Game drive is the best activity and the best game drive activity in the world is at Serengeti to watch crash of Hippos, zeal of Zebras, parade of Elephants, tower of Giraffes and the pride of Lions. The best way to view and experience the wildlife in Serengeti to its fullest is camping within the Serengeti. You can stay in Serengeti or in Kenyas Masai Mara. Also now there are great balloon safaris available to have that spectacular arial view.

As exciting is the game viewing so is the scenic beauty of the Serengeti. The Serengeti plains stretching along the savannah is a scenic view of a golden horizon which turns into infinite green carpet dotted with wildflowers after the rain. wooded hills, termite mounds, rivers make the Serengeti a amazing landscape for game viewing

Best time to visit Serengeti: Serengeti is good to visit throughout the year. However, the peak time to visit is from late June to October when the dry season starts, when the migration of the wildebeest is in the western corridor in June and July.

November to May is the wet season and to see the wild predators in action, January and February is the month of calving in the southern parts of the Serengeti. March, April and May are the peaks of the wet season.

Accommodation: You will find a lot of accommodation facilities in and around the park. A lot of budget, economy and luxury hotels are available around Serengeti. Camping is also provided in the park and there are also mobile camps available with good safari guides.

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4. Why Nepal Is One Of The Best Travel Destinations And Be On Your Bucket List For 2017?


Why Nepal is an ultimate travel destination?


Magnificent mountains, rich ancient heritage, marvelous palaces, fluttering prayer flags and awesome people. Nepal locked between China, India and Tibet is rich cultural, diverse land mass with snow capped Himalayas, grasslands, sub tropical forests. It has scenic landscapes and stunning architectural marvels, colorful and exotic cities. There is lot for solo and group travelers Nepal has to offer from wildlife to hiking in the Himalayas and extreme river rafting. Moreover, it is one of the economical travel destinations with less than $15 a day for a solo traveler. The country offers a wide range of accommodation options from basic rooms to luxury hotels.

Adventure- Nepal is the most favored destination for mountain adventurers with more than 10 highest peaks in the world. The most magnificent and tallest mountains like the Everest and Annapurna makes this region the trekkers paradise. There’s a lot to let your adrenaline sore with adventures like rafting the Nepali river and kayaking, bungee jumping through the deep Himalayan gorges. Trekking, paragliding and mountain biking against the beautiful backdrop of some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes.

Heritage and Culture- Nepal’s history dates back to more than 2500 years, and remains unknown. Nepal also boasts for some of the most ethnic, sacred cities Kathmandu, Pokhara, Patan and Bhaktapur. The Kathmandu valley is world famous for its seven heritage sites or architectural monuments, marvelous palaces and artistic buildings. The seven sites include Durbar Squares of Hanuman Dhoka (Kathmandu), Patan and Bhaktapur, the Buddhist stupas of Swayambhu and Bauddhanath and the Hindu temples of Pashupati and Changu Narayan. The other national sites include Lumbini as the birth place of Buddha, Chitawan National Park, Sagarmatha National Park known as “the top of the world.”

Wildlife- Nepal also has a lot for a wildlife lover, with dense and lush green The Royal Chitwan National Park covering 932 square km, with more than 700 species of wildlife. The Narayani-Rapti river system with tributaries and lakes has 113 recorded species of fish and mugger crocodiles. The park is home to more than 68 species of mammals from tigers, elephants and over 600 rhinos, highest population of around 200 sloth bears. The jungle is also an habitat for foxes, linsangs, honey badgers, wild dogs, jackals, jungle cats, leopard cats and gaurs. Furthermore, the adjacent Parsa Wildlife Reserve has some 112 animals and elephant bulls enter Valmiki forest to search cows for mating. There are also good Bardia National Park and the Sukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve.

Must see: Garden of Dreams, Pokhara, Chitwan Natonal Park, Shrines, Marvel at Bodhnath, Kathmandu Valley Heritage sites.

Best time to visit: September to November.

Airport: Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM)

Must eat: Dal bhat, Momos, Chatamari, Dhindo, Juju Dhau.

Transportation: Buses and cabs.

Acomodation- Budget rooms to luxurious hotels.

Climate: Spring March to May with rain showers and temp avg 22o C, Summer is between June to August gets warmer and can get 30o C and more heat waves. Autumn from September to November is peak for adventure because of clear skies and cool climate. Winter is between December to February gets very cold.

Currency: Nepalese rupee.

Visa: Visa on arrival for most countries, for $25 to $100, check your visa requirements here http://www.nepalimmigration.gov.np/.

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