Greece - Mystique mythology, beautiful beaches and islands, great food


Greece a premier travel destination is rich mythology, unique, charming Mediterranean passion. Greece has some incredible historic and heritage sites, beautiful beaches and mystique hilly landscape. Greece has surprises even for an avid, demanding traveler. One can enjoy great Greek food, swimming in the balmy seas, dining under the stars along the coast. Athens is famous amongst heritage, culture travelers. It is also a famous romantic gateway, with some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world.  
The interior towns and cities of Greece are famous for famous historical sites, monuments, and museums. There is a lot more fun, activities and things to do at some of the world famous beaches and Islands, laid back relaxed and tourist friendly. The Greek Islands are made up of 168 islands, grouped into 8 islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas. The Cyclades is one of the famous and most inhabited, whereas Santorini is famous for its beautiful towns and villages. Crete famous for its beaches and lagoons, especially the Balos beach and lagoon. 

Top things
Parthenon- An ancient temple at Acropolis Athens, is an ancient temple of Greek Goddess Athena of wisdom and warfare believed to be the patron, the famous city was named after the Goddess Athena. It is one of the most important and iconic sites depicting the Classical Greek art and heritage and UNESCO World Heritage site. 
Acropolis- The Acropolis of Athens or Athenian Acropolis is termed as the symbol of world heritage. This ancient citadel has remains of the crucial importance of art, heritage, and culture. It is one of the iconic landmarks and a must see for art, culture and heritage travelers.
Santorini- Santorini on the Cyclades Islands of the Aegean Sea is famous for dramatic postcard landscapes of villages and towns with beautiful architecture of whitewashed houses and villas.
Balos Beach and Lagoon- Located in the northwest of Crete Island Balos if famous for its breathtaking landscape and crystal clear turquoise water and sugar white sand.
Elafonissi Beach- Located on the Crete Islands, a natural pristine beach and beautiful shoreline with crystal clear water and pinkish sand beach.
Food, accommodation, and transportation- Greece is also a good premier destination for budget travelers. Food and accommodation are not expensive. You can have a good dinner for 20 Euros and a Luxurious Dinner for 30-50 Euros with wine. Tasty Gryos could be anywhere between 3-5 Euros. Flexible accommodation options are available from budget hostels and dorms for 20-40 Euros and 50-70 for private budget rooms. For transportation, the buses and trains in inland cost around 20-30 Euros, ferries from Athens to the islands cost around 50-75 Euros.
Activities: Apart from culture and heritage site tours in the inland there are a lot of activities at the islands and beaches like kayaking, parasailing, banana boats, snorkeling exploring the mysterious shipwrecks in crystal clear waters.


  • Miss Trupti A Jadhav
  • 2016-12-24

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